GCE N(A)-Level Syllabuses Examined in 2018

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Cambridge Subjects
Subject Title Language Medium Subject Code
English Language Syllabus A English 1190
Literature in English English 2022
Humanities (Social Studies, Geography)  (1) English 2175
Humanities (Social Studies, History)  (2) English 2176
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English)  (3) English 2177
History English 2195
Geography English 2246
Bengali Bengali 3236
Gujarati Gujarati 3237
Hindi Hindi 3238
Panjabi Panjabi 3239
Urdu Urdu 3240
Additional Mathematics English 4044
Mathematics Syllabus A English 4045
Science (Physics, Chemistry) English 5105
Science (Physics, Biology) English 5106
Science (Chemistry, Biology) English 5107
Food and Nutrition English 6072
Art English 6125
Design and Technology English 7054
Principles of Accounts English 7088
Local Subjects
Subject Title Language Medium Subject Code
Chinese Chinese 1196
Malay Malay 1197
Tamil Tamil 1198