Eligibility Criteria






The following lists the eligibility criteria for an applicant to sit for SPERS-Sec. An applicant is eligible to participate if he/she:

  • Is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident returning from living and studying overseas.
  • Does not have a place in a local school; and
  • Are applying for admission to Secondary 1, 2 or 3 in the following academic year.

If the applicant has a secondary school place reserved under the Leave of Absence (LOA) scheme, his/her family should send an email or call the school directly for re-admission. The applicant should not participate in SPERS-Sec.

Age ranges

An applicant may apply to sit for the SPERS-Sec tests at the level appropriate for his/her age cohort, based on these permissible age ranges (as at 1 Jan of the year of admission):

  • Secondary 1: 12 to 16+ years old.
  • Secondary 2: 13 to 17+ years old.
  • Secondary 3: 14 to 18+ years old.

When to apply

Interested applicants can refer to MOE's website for the SPERS application periods.

Returning Singaporeans who are unable to return to Singapore for the SPERS-Sec tests may participate in the Supplementary Placement Exercise.

How to apply

Please follow the steps below to apply for SPERS-Sec:

  1. Create an account in the Candidates Portal (CP). The applicant can start to do so from the application period. Please refer to the user guide (618KB) on account creation in CP.

  2. Upon successful creation of the CP account, the child can apply for SPERS during the application period. Select from the following payment modes indicated in the online application form:

    • Debit or credit card
    • PayNow

    Please refer to MOE's website for more information about the application costs.

  3. All registrations are subject to approval. Please refer to the Remarks column in CP for updates and to check the status of your application. Upon successful submission of the application, the application status will be reflected as "Pending". It will take at least 4 weeks from the day of the application before the status will be updated to "Registered", if your document submission is in order and the applicant is assessed to be eligible for SPERS-Sec. Incomplete submissions will result in a longer wait time.

  4. If your application has been approved, you will receive an email informing you to retrieve the applicant's entry proof from CP.

    If your application has been rejected, you will see the status of 'ineligible' reflected in CP.


For enquiries, you may contact SEAB using the following channels: