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The dates of the Supplementary Placement Exercise (SPE) tests can be found on MOE's website.

Successful applicants have to arrive by the reporting time stated on their entry proof and sit at their assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the test begins. The following documents are required for verification of identity:

  • The applicant's identification document (e.g. NRIC or birth certificate)
  • The applicant's entry proof issued by SEAB.

The test venues will be found on the applicants' entry proofs.

Preparing for SPE test

The applicant needs to be familiar with the English and Mathematics topics taught in mainstream secondary schools, such as:

Topics in Primary 6 for Secondary 1 admission.

Topics in Secondary 1 for Secondary 2 admission.

Topics in Secondary 2 for Secondary 3 admission.

Refer to our primary school syllabus or secondary school syllabus for more information.

Test Details

English Test
The English test comprises two parts. The applicant will be given 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete it:

Part 1: Writing

2 topics are set for Secondary 1, while 4 topics are set for Secondary 2 and Secondary 3.

The applicant has to choose 1 topic for composition writing. The word limits for the different academic levels are as follows:

  • Secondary 1: 200 to 300 words
  • Secondary 2: 250 to 350 words
  • Secondary 3: 300 to 400 words

Part 2: Comprehension and language use

  • Compulsory multiple-choice questions
  • Comprehension (based on 2 passages): 15 items
  • Comprehension cloze (based on 2 passages): 15 items
  • Vocabulary: 10 items
  • Grammar: 10 items
Mathematics Test

Mathematics test

The Mathematics test comprises 2 parts. The applicant will be given 30 minutes to complete Part 1, and 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete Part 2. They will not be allowed to use a calculator.

Part 1

Multiple-choice questions: 34 items

The applicant will need a pencil to shade the answers on the Optical Answer Sheet (OAS) provided.

Part 2

  • Short-answer questions: 20 items
  • Open-ended questions: 10 to 15 items

For both short-answer and open-ended questions, the applicant has to show the method of solution clearly by writing their working steps in the spaces provided in addition to providing the final answers.

Generally, open-ended questions require longer and more complex method of solutions as compared to short-answer questions.