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Certificate in Examination and Assessment in Education [Overview]


SEAB will launch a new programme “Certificate in Examination and Assessment in Education” (CEA in Edn) on 1 April 2020. This programme is part of the SkillsFuture for Educators (SFEd) Professional Development roadmap designed to support in-service teachers in their continuing professional growth in the area of Assessment Literacy.

Programme Structure and Objectives

CEA in Edn was designed to develop teachers’ thought leadership in making decisions and recommendations in their context to address diverse assessment issues both in their daily classroom assessments and school-wide approach to assessment. It is anchored on reflective practice enriched by critical engagement with established and new strategies and methods generated from the programme content, interactions with fellow educators and performance in the assignments after the completion of the instructional units of each module.

It aims to:

  • help teachers to explore and apply established and new assessment strategies and methods on individual students, class assessments and level-wide implementations;
  • integrate new approaches in their own assessment practices; and
  • demonstrate their professional development as reflective leaders and informed practitioners in assessment within the teaching fraternity.

Criteria for Certificate Award

Based on the SkillsFuture model, the programme comprises stackable modules to give teachers greater flexibility to choose the modules to attend within 3 years from attending the first module. To be awarded the Certificate for CEA in Edn, teachers would have to complete two core and one elective module and their corresponding assignments within the 3 years validity period. This adds up to 104 hours for the whole programme.

For each completion of a module and their corresponding assignment(s), teachers will be awarded an e-certificate of participation. Upon completion of all three required modules and five assignments, teachers will be awarded a hardcopy certificate.

For more information about the programme, please read here.

Certificate in Examination and Assessment in Education [Core Modules]

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Certificate in Examination and Assessment in Education [Elective Modules]
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