Press Releases


12 January 2015

1. A total of 30,964 school candidates sat for the 2014 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE 'O' Level) Examination and 99.9% have been awarded certificates.

2. The results of the 2014 GCE 'O' Level Examination for school candidates are as follows:

Year No. Sat 1 or more GCE
'O' Level Passes
3 or more GCE
'O' Level Passes
5 or more GCE
'O' Level Passes
No. % No. % No. %
2014 30,964 30,940 99.9 29,705 95.9 25,789 83.3


3. This year, 3,949 students from the 2014 Secondary 4 Normal Academic [Secondary 4N(A)] course sat for one or more subjects in the GCE 'O' Level Examination. Of these, 87.9% have obtained at least one ‘O’ Level pass.

4. A total of 2,133 private candidates sat for the 2014 GCE 'O' Level Examination and 89.5% have been awarded certificates.

5. School and private candidates would be issued with a GCE 'O' Level Examination certificate if they obtain at least a Grade 6 or better in one or more subjects.

6. School candidates have been issued their results by their respective schools from 2.00 pm today. Private candidates will be notified of their individual results by post. They will also be able to access their results online (using the password provided to them) via the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board website at from 2.00 pm today.

7. The Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' Level Examination is jointly conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board and the Ministry of Education.


8. Students, together with their parents, may wish to refer to for guidance on their educational and career development options. is an interactive web-based Education and Career Guidance (ECG) portal hosted by the Ministry of Education. It provides up-to-date information on the educational options and career development pathways available to students. There are various profiling instruments in the portal to help students clarify their interests and aptitudes, and point to a range of suitable career possibilities.

9. Teachers, Career Guidance Coordinators, School Counsellors, and parents are encouraged to use the ECG portal to help students clarify their career goals and guide them to choose educational courses that are suitable for them.

10. An infographic to illustrate the education pathways for 'O' Level students is attached in Annex A.

Annex A