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22 February 2019

1. Students who sat for the 2018 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examinations collected their results today1.

2. The comparative numbers of the 2018 and 2017 A-Level examinations for school candidates are as follows.

Year Number of candidates At least 3 H2 passes, with a pass in General
Paper (GP) or Knowledge and Inquiry (KI)
No. Percentage
2018 13,042 12,170 93.3%
2017 12,502 11,624 93.0%

3. As announced earlier this month, A-Level graduates who are looking to further their studies at the polytechnics can now be exempted from one semester of polytechnic studies for more than 110 courses (refer to Annex A). With this change, A-Level graduates who are not enlisting in National Service can enter the polytechnics in the same year that they receive their A-Level results, plus graduate with a polytechnic diploma one year earlier (refer to Annex B). Interested applicants can apply to the polytechnics directly in mid-August 2019. More details can be found on the respective polytechnics’ websites.

4. Those who are interested in applying to the Autonomous Universities can apply directly via the respective universities’ websites.

1 The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the Ministry of Education, Singapore and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) are the joint examining authorities for the Singapore- Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examinations.

Annex A


No. Course Title Polytechnic
1 Accountancy Ngee Ann Polytechnic
2 Accountancy Singapore Polytechnic
3 Accountancy & Finance Nanyang Polytechnic
4 Aeronautical Engineering Singapore Polytechnic
5 Aerospace Electronics Singapore Polytechnic
6 Aerospace Engineering Ngee Ann Polytechnic
7 Aerospace Engineering Republic Polytechnic
8 Applied Chemistry Singapore Polytechnic
9 Arts & Theatre Management Republic Polytechnic
10 Automation & Mechatronic Systems Ngee Ann Polytechnic
11 Aviation Management Republic Polytechnic
12 Banking & Finance Ngee Ann Polytechnic
13 Banking & Finance Nanyang Polytechnic
14 Banking & Finance Singapore Polytechnic
15 Big Data & Analytics Temasek Polytechnic
16 Bioengineering Singapore Polytechnic
17 Biologics & Process Technology Nanyang Polytechnic
18 Biomedical Engineering Ngee Ann Polytechnic
19 Biomedical Engineering Nanyang Polytechnic
20 Biomedical Engineering Temasek Polytechnic
21 Biomedical Science Republic Polytechnic
22 Biomedical Science Singapore Polytechnic
23 Biotechnology Republic Polytechnic
24 Biotechnology Singapore Polytechnic
25 Business Temasek Polytechnic
26 Business & Financial Technology Nanyang Polytechnic
27 Business & Social Enterprise Republic Polytechnic
28 Business Administration Singapore Polytechnic
29 Business Applications Republic Polytechnic
30 Business Intelligence & Analytics Nanyang Polytechnic
31 Business Management Nanyang Polytechnic
32 Business Studies Ngee Ann Polytechnic
33 Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology Nanyang Polytechnic
34 Chemical Engineering Temasek Polytechnic
35 Chemical Engineering Singapore Polytechnic
36 Chinese Studies Ngee Ann Polytechnic
37 Clean Energy Temasek Polytechnic
38* Common Business Programme Singapore Polytechnic
39* Common Business Programme Ngee Ann Polytechnic
40* Common Engineering Programme Ngee Ann Polytechnic
41* Common Engineering Programme Temasek Polytechnic
42* Common ICT Programme Nanyang Polytechnic
43* Common ICT Programme Temasek Polytechnic
44 Computer Engineering Singapore Polytechnic
45 Computer Engineering Temasek Polytechnic
46 Consumer Behaviour & Research Republic Polytechnic
47 Customer Experience Management with Business Republic Polytechnic
48 Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Ngee Ann Polytechnic
49 Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Nanyang Polytechnic
50 Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Temasek Polytechnic
51 Design for User Experience Republic Polytechnic
52 Electrical & Electronic Engineering Republic Polytechnic
53 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Singapore Polytechnic
54 Electrical Engineering Ngee Ann Polytechnic
55 Electrical Engineering With Eco-design Nanyang Polytechnic
56 Electronic & Computer Engineering Ngee Ann Polytechnic
57 Electronic Systems Nanyang Polytechnic
58 Electronics Temasek Polytechnic
59 Engineering Design with Business Republic Polytechnic
60 Engineering Systems & Management Republic Polytechnic
61 Engineering With Business Nanyang Polytechnic
62 Engineering with Business Singapore Polytechnic
63 Environmental Science Republic Polytechnic
64 Experience & Communication Design Singapore Polytechnic
65 Facilities Management Singapore Polytechnic
66 Financial Business Informatics Temasek Polytechnic
67 Financial Informatics Ngee Ann Polytechnic
68 Food Science & Technology Singapore Polytechnic
69 Game Design Republic Polytechnic
70 Game Design & Development Temasek Polytechnic
71 Green Building Energy Management Republic Polytechnic
72 Hospitality & Tourism Management Nanyang Polytechnic
73 Human Resource Management with Psychology Republic Polytechnic
74 Human Resource Management with Psychology Singapore Polytechnic
75 Industrial & Operations Management Republic Polytechnic
76 Infocomm & Security Nanyang Polytechnic
77 Infocomm Security Singapore Polytechnic
78 Infocomm Security Management Republic Polytechnic
79 Information Technology Ngee Ann Polytechnic
80 Information Technology Nanyang Polytechnic
81 Information Technology Singapore Polytechnic
82 Information Technology Temasek Polytechnic
83 Integrated Events & Project Management Singapore Polytechnic
84 International Trade & Business Ngee Ann Polytechnic
85 Law & Management Temasek Polytechnic
86 Logistics & Operations Management Temasek Polytechnic
87 Marine & Offshore Technology Ngee Ann Polytechnic
88 Marine Engineering Singapore Polytechnic
89 Marine Science & Aquaculture Republic Polytechnic
90 Maritime Business Singapore Polytechnic
91 Marketing Nanyang Polytechnic
92 Marketing Temasek Polytechnic
93 Mass Communication Republic Polytechnic
94 Materials Science Republic Polytechnic
95 Mechanical Engineering Ngee Ann Polytechnic
96 Mechanical Engineering Singapore Polytechnic
97 Mechatronics Temasek Polytechnic
98 Mechatronics & Robotics Singapore Polytechnic
99 Media Production & Design Republic Polytechnic
100 Medical Biotechnology Temasek Polytechnic
101 Mobile Software Development Republic Polytechnic
102 Multimedia & Infocomm Technology Nanyang Polytechnic
103 Nanotechnology & Materials Science Nanyang Polytechnic
104 Nautical Studies Singapore Polytechnic
105 Nutrition, Health & Wellness Singapore Polytechnic
106 Outdoor & Adventure Learning Republic Polytechnic
107 Perfumery & Cosmetic Science Singapore Polytechnic
108 Pharmaceutical Science Republic Polytechnic
109 Pharmaceutical Science Temasek Polytechnic
110 Psychology Studies Temasek Polytechnic
111 Robotics & Mechatronics Nanyang Polytechnic
112 Social Sciences in Gerontology Temasek Polytechnic
113 Sonic Arts Republic Polytechnic
114 Sport Coaching Republic Polytechnic
115 Sport Management Republic Polytechnic
116 Sports & Wellness Management Nanyang Polytechnic
117 Supply Chain Management Republic Polytechnic
118 Tourism & Resort Management Ngee Ann Polytechnic

*The programmes listed in numbers 38-43 are Common Entry Programmes and are not stand-alone diploma courses.

Annex B