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24 November 2017

1. Students collected their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results from their respective primary schools today.

Performance of 2017 Primary 6 Cohort1

2. A total of 38,942 Primary 6 students sat for the PSLE this year. 38,312 students (or 98.4%) are assessed suitable to proceed to secondary school. 66.2% are eligible for the Express course, 21.4% for the Normal (Academic) course, and 10.7% for the Normal (Technical) course.

3. For the 630 students (or 1.6%) who did not qualify for the Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) courses, those who attempted the PSLE for the first time may re-attempt the PSLE in the coming year or apply to Assumption Pathway School (APS) or NorthLight School (NLS). Those who have made more than one attempt at PSLE will be preferentially offered a place in APS or NLS.

2017 Secondary 1 Posting Exercise

4. Eligible students would have received option forms to select secondary schools when they collected their results slips. In every sealed S1 Option Form, there will be a unique S1 Personal Identification Number (S1 PIN) which can be used to submit their secondary school choices online via the Secondary One Internet System. This will be accessible from 11.00am on 24 November 2017 to 3.00pm on 30 November 2017 through the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) S1 Posting website at Alternatively, the S1 Option Form can be submitted through the student’s primary school.

5. Students have a wide variety of quality secondary schools to choose from that will maximize their potential. Some have unique programmes while others offer different combinations of choices. When choosing secondary schools, students, in discussion with their parents, should consider schools with environments best suited to their learning needs and interests (e.g. Applied Learning Programmes, Learning for Life Programmes, Co-Curricular Activities), and the proximity of the school from their home, amongst other factors.

6. The S1 posting results will be released on Thursday, 21 December 2017. Students are to report to the secondary schools that they are posted to on Friday, 22 December 2017 at 8.30am.

1 For information on children exempted from the Compulsory Education Act, please refer to the attached “Information Sheet on the 2017 PSLE Results of Students Exempted from Compulsory Education” in Annex A.

Annex A


  1. Under the Compulsory Education (CE) Act, designated schools - the six full- time madrasahs and San Yu Adventist School - are required to meet a minimum PSLE benchmark2 at least twice in each 3-year assessment period from 2008 onwards, in order to continue to admit new Primary 1 (P1) pupils. Each home-schooled child is expected to meet the same benchmark as San Yu Adventist School.
  2. Madrasahs

  3. 264 CE-exempt students from the 2012 P1 cohort were enrolled in the madrasahs and sat for the PSLE this year3. All three madrasahs with CE-exempt students taking the 2017 PSLE met the PSLE benchmark4.
  4. San Yu Adventist School

  5. One CE-exempt student from the 2012 P1 cohort was enrolled in San Yu Adventist School and sat for the PSLE this year. Based on this candidate’s results, San Yu Adventist School did not meet the PSLE benchmark this year. However, as San Yu Adventist had met the PSLE benchmark twice in the current 3-year assessment period (from 2015 to 2017), it can resume enrolling P1 students in 2019.
  6. Home-schooled Children

  7. There were 42 CE-exempt home-schooled children from the 2012 P1 cohort who sat for their PSLE this year. 14 of them did not meet the benchmark.

  8. Home-schooled children who did not meet the PSLE benchmark must re-sit the PSLE in 2018. Should they wish to attend a mainstream primary school to take full advantage of the resources in mainstream schools to better prepare for the PSLE in 2018, MOE will facilitate their admission to a suitable primary school. For home- schooled children who have met the PSLE benchmark, MOE will also facilitate their admission to a mainstream secondary school should they wish to do so.
2 For madrasahs, the benchmark is pegged at the average PSLE aggregate score of Malay students taking four standard-level subjects in the six lowest-performing mainstream schools, ranked according to the performance of Malay students taking four standard-level subjects in the PSLE that year. Students who did not sit for the PSLE as expected are assigned the lowest possible PSLE score. For San Yu Adventist School, the benchmark is pegged at the 33rd percentile PSLE aggregate score of all students taking four standard-level subjects in the PSLE that year.
3 This does not include 9 students who had earlier transferred to mainstream schools.
4 Madrasah Al-Arabiah and Madrasah Aljunied voluntarily stopped admission of P1 students from 2009 onwards. As Madrasah Wak Tanjong did not pass the 2008-2010 assessment cycle, it did not enrol P1 students in 2012 and thus does not have 2017 PSLE candidates.