Press Releases


11 January 2017

1. 30,292 school candidates sat for the 2016 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level) examination. 99.9% have been awarded certificates.

2. The results of the 2016 GCE O-Level examination for school candidates are as follows. They are comparable to that of 2015.

Year Number of candidates 1 or more GCE O-Level Passes 3 or more GCE O-Level Passes 5 or more GCE O-Level Passes
No. % No. % No. %
2016 30,292 30,262 99.9 29,221 96.5 25,551 84.3

3. 1,865 private candidates had also sat for the 2016 GCE O-Level examination. 90.2% have been awarded certificates.

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

4. Students should take into consideration their interests, abilities and passion when exploring the various education pathways available after their O-Level examination. They are encouraged to speak with their parents, teachers, and ECG Counsellors for guidance in making an informed decision.

5. In addition, students may wish to refer to, an interactive web-based ECG portal hosted by the Ministry of Education. The portal provides up-to-date information on the education options and career development pathways available to students and points them to a range of suitable education and career possibilities. Students may use the portal to match their interests and aptitudes to courses and careers.

6. To complement the ECG programmes and services provided by schools, students who do not yet have an ECG Counsellor in their schools may book an appointment to see an ECG Counsellor at the ECG Centre@MOE (Grange Road) to help them make informed education choices. Appointments can be made via email: or the ECG hotline at 6831 1420.