Press Releases

Release of 2023 PSLE Results

22 November 2023

1. Students who sat for the 2023 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) received their results today. Arrangements were made for students to receive their results in their respective primary schools.

Performance of 2023 Primary 6 Cohort


Eligibility for Secondary School


2. A total of 38,088 Primary 6 students sat for the PSLE this year, of which 98.4% are assessed suitable for secondary school.


3. The remaining students may choose to re-attempt the PSLE next year. Alternatively, Assumption Pathway School (APS) and NorthLight School (NLS) offer customised programmes with a more experiential and hands-on learning approach, which can benefit these students. Students who have attempted the PSLE once and would like to apply to APS or NLS can do so with a recommendation from their primary school principal.


Eligibility for Subjects at a More Demanding Level


4. Under Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB), students who are eligible for Posting Groups 1 and 2 (offering most of their subjects at G1 or G2 respectively) may offer English Language, Mother Tongue Languages, Mathematics, and Science at a more demanding level from Secondary 1 (S1) based on their Achievement Level (AL) scores for the respective subject. Students who scored AL 5 or better for a PSLE Standard subject can take the subject at G3 or G2 and students who scored at least AL 6 for a PSLE Standard subject or AL A for a PSLE Foundation subject can take the subject at G2. For the 2023 Primary 6 cohort, about 64% of students eligible for Posting Groups 1 and 2 are suitable to take at least one subject at a more demanding level. This is comparable to the previous year’s cohort eligible for the Normal courses.  


5. More details on Full SBB and the eligibility criteria to take subjects at a more demanding level can be found at:

S1 Posting Exercise

The S1 Option Form to select secondary schools will be given to eligible students together with their PSLE results. The S1 Option Form provides key information regarding the submission of school choices.

7. A unique S1 Personal Identification Number (S1 PIN) to access the S1 Internet System (S1-IS) can be found on the top-right hand corner of the S1 Option Form. Using the S1-IS, students can download a copy of the S1 Option Form and submit their school choices online.


8. The S1-IS will be accessible from 11.30am on Wednesday, 22 November 2023 to 3.00pm on Tuesday, 28 November 2023 through MOE’s S1 Posting website at To ensure smooth completion of their online submission, students should – in discussion with their parents – first consider their secondary school choices, make their decision, and complete the option form before logging on to the S1-IS.


9. When choosing a secondary school that would be a good fit for the student’s overall educational needs, strengths and interests, students and parents are encouraged to consider a holistic range of factors. This includes the school’s distinctive programmes, subject offerings, Co-Curricular Activities, ethos, culture, location and support for Special Educational Needs, if required.


10. For a more holistic understanding of the offerings by the 141 secondary schools taking part in the 2023 S1 Posting Exercise, please visit SchoolFinder ( Parents and students are encouraged to take the time to explore the schools’ websites, social media pages, as well as take part in their open houses (, to find out more about the schools that interest them before selecting the schools.

Release of S1 Posting Results

11. The S1 Posting Results will be released between Wednesday, 20 December 2023 and Friday, 22 December 2023. The posting results can be accessed through any of the following channels:


  • Short Message Service via a local mobile number (if provided by the applicant during the application process)
  • S1-IS ( using the student’s Birth Certificate number / FIN, and the S1 PIN
  • At the student’s primary school


12. Students do not need to report to their posted secondary schools upon receiving their S1 Posting Results. Students should refer to their posted schools’ websites for more information such as the reporting details, booklist, and purchase of books and uniforms. Parents of the incoming S1 cohort who are on Parents Gateway will also receive instructions from their posted schools from the afternoon the S1 Posting Results are released.


13. If students are unable to report to their posted secondary school on the first day of school in January 2024 due to valid reasons, they should inform their posted secondary school directly after receiving their posting results to confirm that they are taking up the place, and the school will reserve the place for them. More information on S1 Posting and S1-IS are available at MOE’s S1 Posting website. For enquiries, please visit