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Presidential Election 2023 - Changes to Teachers ' Day Holiday and GCE N(A)-, N(T)-Level Examinations

11 August 2023

1. In view of the Writ of Election for Presidential Election 2023, MOE and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) will make the following adjustments:

a) Change of Teachers’ Day 2023 school holiday previously scheduled on Friday, 1 September to Monday, 11 September 2023; and

b) Changes in date for GCE N(A)-, N(T)-Level examinations that had been scheduled on Monday, 11 September 2023

Teacher's Day 2023

2. To recognise the contributions and dedication of our teachers, MOE typically celebrates Teachers’ Day on the last Friday of Term 3 before the one-week September school holiday.

3. As Polling Day for Presidential Election 2023 will fall on Friday, 1 September 2023 if there is a contest, MOE will move this year’s Teachers’ Day holiday to Monday, 11 September 2023, i.e. the first Monday after the one-week September school holidays. This is to provide certainty for schools and students in making their plans. Monday, 11 September 2023 will now be designated a School Holiday.

GCE N(A)-, N(T)-Level examinations - rescheduling of 11 September papers to 12 and 20 September 2023

4. GCE N(A)-, N(T)-Level papers that had been scheduled to take place on Monday, 11 September 2023 will now be rescheduled to Tuesday, 12 and Wednesday, 20 September 2023. This is to provide certainty for candidates preparing for their examinations.

5. Our schools and SEAB will reach out to inform all affected examination candidates. Details of the re-scheduled papers can be found at Annex.



New dates for GCE N(A)-, N(T)-Level examinations which had been scheduled on 11 September 2023

Subject CodePaper No. Subject Name  Mode of AssessmentDurationNew Date 
21751Humanities (Social Studies, Geography)Written1:45

12 Sep 2023


0800-0945 hrs

21761Humanities (Social Studies, History)Written1:45
21771Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English)Written1:45
11953English Language Syllabus TListening Comprehension0:45

20 Sep 2023


1430 - 1545 hrs

11963ChineseListening Comprehension0:30

20 Sep 2023


1630 - 1730 hrs

11973MalayListening Comprehension0:30
11983TamilListening Comprehension0:30