Parliamentary Question

A-Level Literature Prize


20 Feb 2017



Mr Kwek Hian Chuan Henry, Nee Soon GRC



To ask the Minister for Education (Schools) in view of Cambridge International Examinations' discontinuation of the Angus Ross Prize for English literature, whether the Ministry can set up (i) an equivalent A-level literature prize for Singapore and (ii) corresponding A-level literature prizes for mother tongue languages of Malay, Chinese and Tamil.



The achievements of Singaporean students in the Angus Ross Prize was an additional testimony to the performance of our Literature students. The discontinuation of the Prize is unlikely to have a significant impact on our students’ interest in studying Literature at 'A' Level. This motivation is more associated with our students’ passion for the subject and efforts by our Literature teachers to make the subject come alive for students.


MOE does not award a top academic award for any individual subject, and it is not necessary to start doing so now. While quality performance in examinations remains important, it is more important for us to emphasise the quality of our students’ learning experience throughout the entire 'A’ Level course.