Media Replies 2018

9 March 2018


We thank Ms Lye Meng Ling for her letter on the management of pre-enlistees and enlistees affected by the theft of the A-level Chemistry exam scripts (“Could SAF give time off to soldiers resitting Chemistry exam?”).

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board have worked together to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place for those who wish to take the re-examination. Pre-enlistees such as Ms Lye’s son who are due to enlist for full-time National Service (NS) before or in April will be deferred to take the April re-examination. For those who have already enlisted and wish to take the re-examination, they may be disrupted from full-time NS to prepare for and take the re-examination in April, and re-enlist thereafter. Should they wish to continue with their full-time NS and still take the re-examination, they will be granted time-off or leave, subject to exigencies of service.

MINDEF is in contact with affected candidates to check on their preferences regarding the re-examination. They can also call the NS hotline at 1800-3676767 should they require more information. 

Lee Chung Wei (Mr)
Director Manpower
Ministry of Defence

Selena Yeo (Ms)
Director, Corporate Services
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board