Result Slips and Examination Certificates

Result Slips

You will receive your result slip together with your examination certificate from your school when the examination results are released.

Please refer to this explanatory note on what will be shown on the result slip and examination certificate from 2023 onwards.

Examination Certificates

You will receive your PSLE certificate if you are awarded a grade for at least one PSLE subject. Ungraded subjects are not reflected on the certificate.

Amendments to Examination Certificates

Please check the personal particulars printed on your examination certificates. If you find any error, you can submit your request for an amendment through your school, together with your original certificate. There will be an administration fee payable for any request to amend an examination certificate.

All requests have to be submitted through your school by the deadline set from the date of issue of the certificates. You can refer to the PSLE instructions for candidates for information on the deadline.

Retrieval of Past Years' Examination Results

As the result slips and examination certificates are controlled documents, no replacements will be issued if you lose them.

If you have lost your examination documents, you may retrieve your past years’ examination results in digital format through your Skills Passport of your MySkillsFuture portal provided you are a Singpass holder.

If you are a non-Singpass holder or if your results are not available through the MySkillsFuture portal, you can request for a copy of your Statement of Results by contacting us.

More information is available on this page.