PSLE Formats Examined in 2023

Here are the 2023 PSLE examination formats.

Please note that from 2017, the oral examination for both Standard and Foundation Mother Tongue Languages will be conducted in the e-Examination format. Check out this online tutorial to understand the revised examination format.

Subject Title Language Medium Subject Code
English English 0001
Chinese Chinese 0005
Malay Malay 0006
Tamil Tamil 0007
Mathematics English 0008
Science English 0009
Panjabi Panjabi 0010
Hindi Hindi 0011
Gujarati Gujarati 0012
Bengali Bengali 0013
Urdu Urdu 0014
Higher Chinese Chinese 0015
Higher Malay Malay 0016
Higher Tamil Tamil 0017
Foundation Panjabi Panjabi 0020
Foundation Hindi Hindi 0021
Foundation Gujarati Gujarati 0022
Foundation Bengali Bengali 0023
Foundation Urdu Urdu 0024
Foundation Chinese Chinese 0025
Foundation Malay Malay 0026
Foundation Tamil Tamil 0027
Foundation English English 0031
Foundation Mathematics English 0038
Foundation Science English 0039