Important Dates for Candidates


Examination Timetable 2023Timetable
Marking ExerciseMon, 16 Oct – Wed, 18 Oct 2023
Date of 2023 Result ReleaseWed, 22 Nov - Fri, 24 Nov 2023


EventGCE N(A)-
N(T)- Levels
GCE O-LevelGCE A-Level(Applicable to GCE O- and A-Levels only)
Examination Timetable 2023TimetableTimetableTimetable-
Deadline for Withdrawal30 June 2023-
Issue of Entry Proof
(Mid-Year Examination)*
17 May 2023-
Issue of Entry Proof
(Science Practical Examination)*
-At least 7 days before examination-
Issue of Entry Proof
(Year-End Examination)*
26 June 2023-
Date of 2023 Result Release^18 Dec 2023 to 20 Dec 202311 Jan 2024 to 15 Jan 202423 Feb 2024 to 27 Feb 202417 Aug 2023

*Contact SEAB if you have not received your Entry Proofs by the following dates:
Mid-Year examination - 22 May 2023
Science Practical examination - 7 days before the examination date
Year-End examination - 29 June 2023

^The actual date of the results release can only be confirmed when all processes have been completed. Once the date has been confirmed, it would be announced through the media.