Key Activities and Milestones

GCE School Candidates


Activate your Singpass 

  • Candidates who are eligible for Singpass are to apply and activate their Singpass account so that they can view their results online. 
    - For students whose Singpass PIN had expired, they can reset their password instantly online or request for a new PIN mailer via Singpass website.
    - Alternatively, they could visit any Singpass Counter in-person to set up their Singpass account.
  • For candidates who are not eligible for Singpass, i.e. International Students, they will receive a system-generated username from SEAB via email a few days before the results release.

  • Announcement of Results Release Date

  • Keep a lookout for the announcement through the media, which would be a few days before actual results release date:
    - Refer to tentative dates of results release.

  • On Day of Results Release

  • You will receive the following documents from your school:
    - Examination certificate if you obtain the minimum grade for at least one subject. Ungraded subjects are not reflected in the examination certificate. You can refer to this  page for the minimum grade for the GCE-Level examinations.
  • No result slip would be issued for the GCE O- / A-Level Mid-Year MTL or MTL Syllabus B examinations. Your school will inform you of your results.
  • If you did not sit the GCE O- / A-Level Year-End MTL papers, the results obtained in the Mid-Year MTL examinations will be reflected on your examination certificate (if applicable).
  • If you are unable to receive your results from your school due to valid reasons such as being tested positive for COVID, you can view your results via CP:
    - Results are available for viewing in CP for about two weeks from results release date; and
    - Please arrange with your school to collect your examination certificate.
  • You can refer to this webpage if you would like to make amendments to your certificate.

  • Appeal to Review Results 

  • Submit your request through your school.
  • An appeal fee will be charged for each subject.
  • Your appeal must reach SEAB through your school within 5 working days from the date of results release.
  • Appeals received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Appeal outcome will be released through your school, within six weeks after the appeal deadline.
  • Should an appeal result in a change in examination results, the examination results will be adjusted accordingly.
  • While waiting for your appeal outcome to be released, you should continue applying to your selected schools and we will contact you to facilitate any changes, if necessary.
  • Please check with your school if you have any queries.