O-Level Syllabuses Examined in 2020

Here are the 2020 GCE O-Level examination syllabuses that are offered to private candidates:


From 2017, certain papers of selected GCE O-Level subjects will be conducted in the e-Examination format
(for example, e-oral). These subjects are as follows:

Subject TitleSubject CodePaper
Higher Chinese11163
Higher Malay11173
Higher Tamil11473

Check out the online tutorial for the Mother Tongue Language and Higher Mother Tongue Language e-Oral examination to understand the revised examination format.

Cambridge Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
English Language English1128
Literature in English [Revised]English2065
History English2174
Geography English2236
Humanities (Social Studies, Geography) English2272
Humanities (Social Studies, History) English2273
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English) [Revised] #English2274
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in Chinese) [Revised] +English2287
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in Malay) [Revised] +English2288
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in Tamil) [Revised] +English2289
Spanish Spanish3034
Arabic Arabic3186
Hindi Hindi3194
Urdu Urdu3196
Gujarati Gujarati3199
Panjabi Panjabi3203
Bengali Bengali3215
Burmese Burmese3249
Thai Thai3260
Japanese Japanese3261
French [Revised]French3917
German [Revised]German3918
Additional Mathematics English4047
Mathematics English4048
Science (Physics, Chemistry) English5076
Science (Physics, Biology) English5077
Science (Chemistry, Biology) English5078
Physics English6091
Chemistry English6092
Biology English6093
Principles of Accounts English7175

+ Revision is only to Paper 2: Literature in Chinese (2287/2) / Literature in Malay (2288/2) / Literature in Tamil (2289/2).
There is no revision to Paper 1 Social Studies. 2287/1, 2288/1, 2272/1, 2273/1 and 2274/1 share a common paper.

Local Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Higher Chinese Chinese1116
Chinese Chinese1160
Literature in Chinese [Revised]Chinese2031
Higher Malay Malay1117
Malay Malay1148
Literature in Malay [Revised]Malay2032
Islamic Religious Knowledge Malay2080
Higher Tamil Tamil1147
Tamil Tamil1157
Literature in Tamil [Revised]Tamil2033

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who would like to register for Mother Tongue Language Syllabus B can write to contact@moe.gov.sg with their request.