N(T)-Level Syllabuses Examined in 2020

Here are the 2020 GCE N(T)-Level examination syllabuses that are offered to school candidates.

Cambridge Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
English Language Syllabus TEnglish1195
Mathematics Syllabus TEnglish4046
Science Syllabus TEnglish5148
Food StudiesEnglish6079
Art [Revised] English6128
Music Syllabus T # English6129
Computer ApplicationsEnglish7018
Design and Technology Syllabus T [Revised] English7062
Elements of Business SkillsEnglish7066

# To be examined for the last time in 2020

You may continue to take a Non-Tamil Indian Language (NTIL) in lieu of a Mother Tongue Language if you are in the N(T) course.

Please note that the NTILs will not count towards one of the two GCE N(A)-Level subjects that you can offer. The list of NTILs can be found under the 2020 GCE N(A)-Level syllabuses for school candidates.

MOE-ITE Applied Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Mobile RoboticsEnglishA101
Smart Electrical TechnologyEnglishA201
Retail OperationsEnglishA301

Please note that the MOE-ITE Applied Subjects listed above are only applicable to candidates from schools which are approved to offer the subjects.

Local Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Basic ChineseChinese1202
Basic MalayMalay1203
Basic TamilTamil1204