N(T)-Level Syllabuses Examined in 2020

Here are the 2020 GCE N(T)-Level examination syllabuses that are offered to school candidates:

Cambridge Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
English Language Syllabus TEnglish1195
Mathematics Syllabus TEnglish4046
Science Syllabus TEnglish5148
Food StudiesEnglish6079
Art Syllabus TEnglish6128
Music Syllabus T #English6129
Computer ApplicationsEnglish7018
Design and Technology Syllabus T [Revised]English7062
Elements of Business SkillsEnglish7066

# To be examined for the last time in 2020.

You may continue to take a Non-Tamil Indian Language (NTIL) in lieu of a Mother Tongue Language if you are in the N(T) course. Please note that the NTILs will not count towards one of the two GCE N(A)-Level subjects that you can offer. The list of NTILs can be found under the 2019 GCE N(A)-Level syllabuses for school candidates.

Local Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Basic ChineseChinese1202
Basic MalayMalay1203
Basic TamilTamil1204

MOE-ITE Applied Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Mobile RoboticsEnglishA101
Smart Electrical TechnologyEnglishA201
Retail OperationsEnglishA301

Please note that the MOE-ITE Applied Subjects listed above are only applicable to candidates from schools which are approved to offer the subjects.