A-Level Syllabuses Examined in 2019

Here are the 2019 GCE A-Level examination syllabuses that are offered to school candidates. These subjects are examined at Higher 1 (H1), Higher 2 (H2) and Higher 3 (H3) levels

Cambridge Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
China Studies in English English8628-
General Paper English8807-
Project Work English8808-
Geography English8813-
Bengali Bengali8827-
Gujarati Gujarati8828-
Hindi Hindi8829-
French French8831-
Literature in EnglishEnglish8832-
German German8833-
Japanese Japanese8835-
Urdu Urdu8837-
Mathematics English8865-
Physics [Revised]English8867-
Chemistry [Revised]English8873-
Biology [Revised]English8876-
Art English8879-
English Language and LinguisticsEnglish-9508
Literature in EnglishEnglish-9509
Translation (Chinese) Chinese-9571
Spanish [New]Spanish-9578
Computing #English-9597
China Studies in English English-9628
Further Mathematics English-9649
Theatre Studies and Drama English-9726
Chemistry English-9729
French French-9735
German German-9736
Japanese Japanese-9737
Biology English-9744
Physics English-9749
Art English-9750
Geography English-9751
Music English-9753
Principles of Accounting #English-9755
Management of Business #English-9756
Economics English-9757
Mathematics English-9758
Knowledge and Inquiry English-9759

# To be examined for the last time in 2019

Here is the List of Formulae and Statistical Tables (MF26) for Mathematics 8865, 9758 and Further Mathematics 9649.

Local Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Codee-Exam Resources
Chinese B +Chinese8611-Video
Chinese Language Chinese8621-Video
General Studies in Chinese Chinese8642--
Chinese Language & Literature Chinese-9572Video
China Studies in Chinese Chinese-9629-
Malay B +Malay8613-Video
Malay Language Malay8622-Video
Malay Language & Literature Malay-9573Video
Tamil B +Tamil8614-Video
Tamil Language Tamil8623-Video
Tamil Language & Literature Tamil-9574Video

+ Mother Tongue B is not a H1 or H2 Level subject.

H3 Subjects (MOE-Cambridge)

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Literature in English English9805
Economics English9809
Chemistry English9813
Physics English9814
Biology English9816
Art English9818
Music English9819
Mathematics English9820
Geography English9822
History English9823
Chinese Language and Literature Chinese9901
Malay Language and Literature Malay9921
Tamil Language and Literature Tamil9941

Here is the List of Formulae and Statistical Tables (MF26) for Mathematics 9820