What We Do

The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) was established on 1 April 2004 as a statutory board. Formerly the Examinations Division of the Ministry of Education, we were formed to develop and conduct national examinations in Singapore. We also provide other assessment services and products locally as well as overseas.

We aim to become a regional centre for assessment products and services, and contribute to Singapore’s development as an education hub.

Our Vision

A trusted authority in examinations and assessment, recognised locally and internationally.

Our Mission

We assess educational performance so as to certify individuals, uphold national standards and advance quality in assessment worldwide.

Our Values

We act with honesty at all times.

Value people
We respect and care for our people. Each one makes a unique contribution to our organisation.

We give our best at all times to meet the needs of our customers.

We live by high standards of work and conduct. We learn continuously to improve our knowledge and skills.

We combine our talents and effort for superior outcomes. Together, each achieves more.

Board Members

Ms Ho Peng, Chairperson, Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board

Advisor, Ministry of Education

Mr Wong Siew Hoong,

Director-General of Education, Ministry of Education

Professor Bernard Tan,

Senior Vice-Provost (Undergraduate Education), National University of Singapore

Mr Jonathan Yuen,

Partner, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Mr Richard Hoo

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Planning, Urban Redevelopment Authority and Chief Infrastructure Planning Officer, Ministry of National Development

Mr Chan Cheow Hoe,

Government Chief Digital Technology Officer/ Deputy Chief Executive, Government Technology Agency

Mr Jason Chen,

Deputy Secretary (Workplaces), Ministry of Manpower

Ms Juthika Ramanathan,

Chief Executive (Office of the Chief Justice), Supreme Court of Singapore

Mr Chin Chi Leong,

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Building Control)/ Commissioner of Buildings, Building and Construction Authority

Mr Yue Lip Sin,

Chief Executive, Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board

Management Team

Chief Executive

  • Mr Yue Lip Sin

Assessment and Exam Cluster

Assessment Planning and Development Division

  • Mrs Cheah Mei Ling
    Director, Assessment Planning and Development
  • Mr Lee Ah Huat
    Director, Assessment Planning and Development
  • Ms Lim Bee Hiong Bernadette Jane
    Deputy Director, Assessment Planning and Development
  • Ms Karen Chong Kwei Kuen
    Deputy Director, Assessment Planning and Development
  • Mdm Toh Hoon Sin
    Deputy Director, Assessment Planning and Development

Exam Operations Division

  • Mr Pang Chong Han
    Director, Exam Operations
  • Mr Jimmy Ng Tuan Kiat
    Deputy Director, Exam Operations and Logistics
  • Ms Jenny Loong
    Deputy Director, Exam Planning and Administration
  • Mr Oliver Osman Junus
    Senior Assistant Director, Exam Systems

Research and Development Division

  • Ms Tay Lai Ling
    Director, Research and Development
  • Dr Tay Poh Hua
    Deputy Director, Research and Development
  • Mr Loi Guang You
    Deputy Director, Research and Development

Corporate Cluster

  • Ms Yeo Su-Lin Selena
    Senior Director, Corporate Cluster

Corporate Services Division

  • Ms Ong Ai Di
    Director, Corporate Services
  • Ms Leow Yin Li Grace
    Assistant Director, Human Resource and Organisation Capability
  • Mr Rizal Bin Rahman
    Assistant Director, Office and Estate Management

Planning and Finance Division

  • Ms Ee Yuen Hui
    Deputy Director, Planning and Finance
  • Mr Lee Kien Meng
    Assistant Director, Finance and Procurement
  • Ms Teng Mei Ling Adeline
    Senior Assessment Specialist, Assessment Services

Information Technology

  • Mr Woon Tien Kim Louis
    Senior Assistant Director, Information Technology

Corporate Communications

  • Ms Wong Hui Woon Irene
    Assistant Director, Corporate Communications