N(T)-Level Syllabuses Examined in 2022

Here are the 2022 GCE N(T)-Level examination syllabuses that are offered to private candidates:

From 2017, certain papers of selected GCE N(T)-Level subjects will be conducted in the e-Examination format (for example, e-Oral).

The subjects are as follows:

Subject TitleSubject CodePaper
English Language Syllabus T11954
Basic Chinese12022
Basic Malay12032
Basic Tamil12042

Check out the online tutorial for the Mother Tongue Language e-Oral examination to understand the revised examination format.

Cambridge Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
English Language Syllabus T #English1195
Mathematics Syllabus TEnglish4046
Science Syllabus TEnglish5148

# Last year of exam in 2022

Local Subjects

Subject TitleLanguage MediumSubject Code
Basic ChineseChinese1202
Basic MalayMalay1203
Basic TamilTamil1204